Small Kitchen Design Decorating Ideas

Modern Kitchen Design Trends. Kitchen design trends vary quite quickly; this article is mainly for those of you out there looking for some inspiration on a contemporary kitchen design. They usually have a very wide range of themes and color palettes. A lot of the modern kitchens now feature stainless steel appliances, which help to make a more spacious feel. There is also a trend towards tile work, with darker stone tiles being used in a lot of new kitchens.

Counter Space: More people are finding that they need more counter space for preparing food and making minor kitchen tasks such as dusting or chopping utensils. In order to get more counter space you can opt for L-shaped or U-shaped cabinets. A L-shaped cabinet allows you to keep stored items underneath while the rest of the counter space is utilized for utensils. U-shaped cabinets, on the other hand, have upper and lower cabinets which face one another and are perfect if you don’t have the space for installing wall cabinets. Another option is to install drop ceiling cabinets. These allow you to install a high ceiling in the middle of your kitchen which gives you more counter space and room to move around.

Shelves and Cabinets: It is important to install suitable shelving and cabinets that fit the theme and motif of your kitchen. When it comes to cabinets, remember that you can either go for bottom or top cabinets depending upon how much of a storage space you require. Remember that while working with materials such as wood and metal make sure that you use acid-free cleaners. Wire shelves are popular because they are cheap and easy to assemble, but they do not offer you the same amount of storage capacity as solid wood shelves. You can also install hooks at the top of your cabinets to hang towels and other items that tend to accumulate in your kitchen. Glass lined drawers are very stylish and can be used to store collectibles.

Compact appliances: If you have limited space, small kitchen decorating ideas are a must! Make sure to use wall units and chopping blocks which take up minimum space. You can also opt for compact refrigerators which save space, add sophistication to your kitchen, and reduce noise pollution.

Compact appliances should be your best friends when designing your kitchens. However, when you are looking for the right type of appliance, you should focus on the efficiency rather than on the look or style. When shopping for appliances, remember that efficiency means low cost, so look for appliances that have low operating costs and high durability. You can opt for compact washers/ driers that save you money when it comes to energy consumption. Similarly, opt for an energy efficient appliances that use less electricity when in operation and more efficiently when not in use.

Accent Wall: An accent wall is an ideal place to hang decorative items like pictures, figurines or paintings. It helps in utilizing small open spaces in your kitchen and gives an impression of spaciousness to the room. Your interior designer Danielle colding will give you proper advice on where to place your accents. In case you are not comfortable with the idea of wall decoration, you can opt for painting your cabinets and counters.

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