Bathroom Fittings Buying Guide

Bathroom fittings, unlike furniture, are permanent fixtures that should not be relocated easily. For more information about buying fitted bathrooms please consult our fitted bathrooms buying guide.

Given their importance, bathroom essentials should be chosen with great care. Look for products that are easy to maintain and meet your personal preferences – the right choices could lead to creating your ideal bathroom!

Faucets & Sinks

Faucets add flair and can help unify the design of your bathroom space, with many styles to suit any design theme from traditional to modern. Choose a faucet that coordinates well with both your sink and other fixtures such as shower heads and tubs.

Brushed nickel offers timeless appeal that fits well with most styles, while satin brass’s warm hue is easy to maintain and conceals fingerprints or water spots with ease. Matte black’s versatility allows it to pair with both modern and eclectic decor styles.

Consider how many pre-drilled holes there are in your sink or vanity when choosing a faucet. For sinks with just one hole, a single-hole faucet may be sufficient; larger 3-hole sinks might require one with an escutcheon plate to cover both drilled holes; vessel faucets offer another solution which fits higher on the sink while offering only one handle option – choose either pull out or lever handles as part of your selection process.

Showers & Baths

Imagine relaxing in a soothing bath of refreshing soapy water while bathed by flickering candles – it’s an idyllic scene many homeowners envision, yet what are the practical considerations?

Showers tend to be more hygienic than tubs. You can quickly rinse away hair and body products directly down the drain instead of being trapped and damp for prolonged periods in a bathtub. Furthermore, they take up less space than bath tubs, leaving more space for toilet, sink and optional storage needs.

Showers offer more than just hygiene benefits – they’re also stylish and eye-catching! There’s a wide range of shapes and sizes to fit all bathroom layouts. Additionally, there’s an impressive array of shower heads, valves, kits and kits so that you can create your ideal shower experience. A shower-bathtub combo may also be an attractive solution; these single-ended baths have one end attached directly back-to-wall for mounting a riser rail kit while leaving one end available for bathing purposes.

Toilet Seats

Toilet seats may not seem important at first, but they are an essential bathroom component. Not only can they offer privacy and reduce odors from other bathrooms in your house, they can also offer protection from other occupants invading other toilets in the home.

As different toilets come in all different shapes and sizes, it’s crucial that you select a toilet seat that fits perfectly. There are round, D-shaped, and elongated designs to choose from when making this decision.

If you have small children or boisterous roommates, a slow-close toilet seat may help reduce noise and wear and tear on the seat itself. Certain models feature special hinges designed to eliminate noise as well as reduce wear and tear.

Plastic and polyresin toilet seats are lightweight and durable, yet you can give your bathroom some flair with decorative textile covers or clear plastic covers that encase sea shells or coins – these accessories add flair while personalizing the bathroom space. Be sure to always use rubber cleaning gloves when installing or removing toilet seats, and clean regularly around their mounting bolts.


There are various accessories that enhance the functionality of a bathroom. Examples of such items are hand towels, toothbrush holders and soap dispensers – unlike hardware which typically serves generalized functions, these products allow users to stay close by providing something more tailored specifically to them.

One of India’s premier sanitary fittings brands, Aayush is widely recognized for offering beautiful yet cost-effective bathroom accessories that reflect contemporary designs and can meet almost every consumer taste. Although relatively new on the market, their variety of goods helps meet individual consumer preferences efficiently.

There’s a saying that says the devil’s in the details; small changes can often make an enormous impactful statement about an interior design project. This holds especially true when it comes to home decor; even minor adjustments can help your space stand out among its competition. Take the time to invest in those personal touches that give your room its signature appearance.

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