Bathroom Renovation – Choosing the Right Colors

A bathroom or washroom is usually a room, usually in a residence or other commercial structure, which has either a shower or an indoor or outdoor bathtub. The addition of a new wash basin is fairly common nowadays. Modern wash basins come with an endless choice of shapes, sizes, and materials, allowing almost any kind of bathroom design and color to be created. A well-designed bathroom will add value to the property and will add significantly to the quality of life.

For the homeowner who wants to do the designing themselves, there are a wide range of bathroom vanities on the market. Bathroom vanities are normally smaller than sinks, and they are often made from natural stone, marble, or wood. The fixtures and fittings, as well as the sink, can be made from durable glass or acrylic. Vanity units can feature a range of unique styles and designs, such as pedestal, single or double-basin, corner, inset, wall hung, vessel, and freestanding. As a result, there is sure to be a vanity that is perfect for every bathroom.

For smaller bathrooms, a wonderful addition is a towel warmer. This will make getting to the toilet even more convenient, and it will make taking a shower easier after taking a bathroom break. The bathroom vanity or towel heater is an absolute necessity for bathrooms that are short on space. Bathroom towel warmers, which often look like small cabinets sitting on the floor, have a heating element built into the towel itself, rather than an external radiator.

The bathroom vanity or basin unit is also an important fixture for many bathrooms. Most people opt for a full bath vanity to match their large bath, although small bathrooms can sometimes use a small bath vanity or even a shower vanity. The advantage of the vanity is that it can be used as both a basin and a storage space. As well as looking beautiful, it will help you tidy away your accessories much more quickly. A full bath vanity can fit beneath the sink, and some come with a mirror attached to the top of the unit. It is worth finding a unit that is aesthetically pleasing, because many people prefer traditional baths with clean lines.

Towels are a very important aspect of personal hygiene activities in the bathroom. In a small washroom, they may sometimes be difficult to find, especially if there is very little room. The washroom towel rack, which can be purchased separately from the vanity, is the ideal solution for finding towels. There are different styles to choose from, depending on the size and make of the bathroom, and it is often possible to personalise the towel rack to suit the overall decor of the washroom. Many racks also double up as stand-alone wash bowls, which makes it easy to wash your hands in the bathroom. If there is not a washbowl nearby, there are many attractive towel racks that can be bought to act as a small sink or toilet seat.

Bathrooms are normally painted in white, cream or off-white, although a splash of colour can be used in the bathroom depending on how bold you want the style to be. Bathrooms in Georgian style usually have more of an old-world charm and so paint the walls in dark earth tones. Bright colors, particularly reds and oranges, can be used in bathrooms in this style. For smaller bathrooms, pale colors work well, although bold colors are better suited in the dining room or sitting room. For larger bathrooms, consider a bold color scheme and you can really make the most of the space.

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