Customize Bobbleheads and Gift them to Your Loved Ones

A bobblehead is known as an action figure that represents a human being. These collectibles are designed uniquely so that the head looks larger than the body. The collectible bobblehead figure will not have a solid or direct connection, and the connection between the head and the body is made using a hook or spring.

Likewise, if you give a tap to the bobblehead, it will nod or bobble the head up and down due to its spring action. You can order the custom bobbleheads for yourself or choose them as a gift item that you can present to your loved ones. These are considered the most fun-loving collectibles, and you can enjoy the company with them.

These bobblehead collectibles are not the new items or the new trend. Toys or doll designers started designing these bobbleheads in the early 1800s, and they are named nodders that act as bobbing or nodding motions. As the days pass, the designers are getting creative and improvising the bobblehead model to make them more attractive.

Bobbleheads are getting popular and have huge sales due to their creative designs and exciting features. These are generally designed with plastic material and have about 15cm in height.

These are exact replicas with a large head of sports personalities, and now you can customize them of your personal choice. The bobbleheads are not only meant to design famous or popular characters, but they can also make bobbleheads of your choice.

You can ask the designers for custom bobbleheads, give the input on what you expect, and the rest they will handle. This is the perfect choice to present a gift to your wife, husband, or friends.

What are the Features of Bobbleheads?

1. These bobbleheads are 100% handmade, and designers can make the bobblehead with a single person, two persons, or a team. Before ordering the bobblehead, you have to send your pictures in high resolution and choose your preferences, like the eyes, hair, and skin color you want for your bobblehead.

2. Customized bobblehead designers use high-quality non-toxic, transformable, and polychrome material. This polymer clay material will make the bobblehead look very natural and alive. They look so cute with the same features by nodding their head up and down.

3. If you plan to place an order for a bobblehead, you need to send the picture to the designer with additional information like a good picture with precise and proper facial features and a preferred costume picture. You can give all the inputs you are expecting for the output, and you can describe the details and pose of the figure.

4. If you don’t want to provide the input or any other additional requirement to the designer, then the bobblehead is designed on a default feature that represents the exact figure of your picture.

5. Once the design of the head is completed, they will send the picture through a message for your acceptance or confirmation. Then you have to check it clearly, and if you want any modifications to be done, let them know about it. If it looks perfect, you can confirm it. Once this process is done, the figure’s body will be finalized if confirmation is unavailable.

6. Generally, bobbleheads design requires at least 15-21 days to complete the figure and deliver the item.

Final Words:

If you are confused and don’t have a clear idea about what to gift to your loved one, opt for these sweet and cute bobbleheads, which are the right choice. Customize the figures according to your requirements and present them to your loved one, and see the happiness in them. They will surely love it.

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