Organizing Your Kids’ Bedrooms

Kids rooms today have come a long way from the one-crockpot wonder we knew as kids. Today’s kids rooms are sleek, modern affairs that often include high ceilings, bright walls and, in many cases, even glass. However, even though we’ve come a long way, the look still hasn’t changed for the better. In fact, there are now more things that kids love than ever before, which means that if you’re looking to redo your kids’ room, there are plenty of options out there that will be a real hit. Here are some great kids room ideas to get you started on your new decorating adventure.

Kids Bedroom Ideas: Bring the Outdoors Indoors One of the biggest trends in kids’ rooms these days is the addition of a play area, or just a spot where your little ones can play. Some people turn this into a big children’s bookcase or desk, but another fun option is to paint a mural and hang it from your kid’s bed. You can also repaint a wall and bring it up to eye level, creating a reading area or reading nook for your little tyke. You can also add some paint and some kids art supplies to create a magnetic whiteboard that kids can use to jot down their notes or stories.

Kids Bedroom Furniture: More to Bedrooms than pillows and footstools, there are plenty of great kids room furniture pieces that you can buy and add to your child’s room. For starters, there’s the standard bed, but there are also bunk beds, playpens (for those tiny little hands), dressers, cabinets, nightstands and bookshelves that will really update your child’s room. Try adding a few bean bag chairs to your kid’s room as well if you like soft furnishing. You’ll also want to add some accent pillows in coordinating colors or decorate the floor with brightly colored rugs or carpet.

Walls and Floor Space: This is where the real work begins! You need to think about the floor space in your kid’s room, because you want to emphasize all the activities that your kid will be doing. There are many different ways to use this floor space, so you’ll need to be creative. One way is to use the playpens to hold a trampoline, which could provide hours of fun and amusement for your kids. Another way is to fill the wall space with a mural or painting and place it in the corner of the room. Another neat idea is to line the walls with a couple of giant teddy bears and supply your kids with a steady supply of bear snacks to keep them entertained.

Dresser and Shelf Organization: You also have to consider how you’re going to arrange the furniture in your kid’s room when it comes to dressers and shelves. If you have a ton of toys that take up a lot of floor space, then you’ll want to make sure that they are in easy reach of your little ones. You can easily achieve this by placing the dresser at the end of the bed and leaving the room in front for your little one to reach their stuff.

Wall Beds and Wall Mounted Lights: Finally, you have to think about lighting. Kids love bright colors, so you’ll want to supplement that with some wall lights or a ceiling fixture. You can also add a lamp shade on one of the side tables as well as on a couple of the beds. You can also add a couple of lamps in the shared room corners. The key here is to use accessories that match the style and color scheme of the rest of the kids’ rooms.

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