Bathroom Remodeling Ideas That Look Like a Luxurious Hotel

Remodeling the bathroom isn’t the same as a paint job. When the walls are painted, they are merely hiding the problems underneath. When remodeling, however, you are dealing with the plumbing, the electrical, the heating, and the water, which means getting to know the ins and outs of how they work and what you can do with them. You’ll also need to deal with the aesthetics, if you plan on putting the room to use at all. A bathroom remodel is a lot like a paint job; there’s a lot more work involved. Whether you’re making small updates, going with a full overhaul, or simply daydreaming in your bath, a bathroom remodel can really make a difference in your bathroom’s feel.

Bathroom renovation doesn’t have to be expensive or extensive. In fact, many homeowners do not think much about it until a problem arises. When you plan your renovation, consider both the elements that will be inside the room and the things that will be out of sight when the renovation is complete. Here are some bathroom ideas that you might want to consider for your master bath renovation:

New bathroom fixtures will make any room more aesthetically pleasing to the eye than old, tired hardware. Consider sprucing up your shower’s interior by installing a new whirlpool tub or lighting the ceiling with a dramatic new light fixture. If you don’t have the space for something as grand as a new whirlpool tub, however, consider installing a new sink and toilet. Sprucing up the floor is another way to update a room, though an average cost for a complete remodel would be 250 per square foot.

Bathroom remodeling doesn’t have to mean a total gutting of your bathroom, either. You can simply update your fixtures and cabinets in order to update the look of your bathrooms. Vanity units can give your bathroom’s a tidy, sophisticated look, while walk-in vanities can give your bathroom a luxurious look. When looking for bathroom ideas, remember that these additions can be inexpensive and easy to install, so you don’t have to completely gut your bathrooms to achieve a stylish overhaul.

Tile is probably the most common element found throughout a typical bathroom. If you’re on a budget, you should still consider purchasing tiles for your bathroom, but you can also upgrade the look of your bathroom by purchasing bathroom storage solutions instead of expensive tiles. Bathroom storage solutions are available in a variety of sizes, colors, styles, and materials, and your local home improvement store should be happy to help you find something that suits your budget and meets your storage needs. Some of the most popular types of storage solutions are bathroom wall shelves, vanity cabinetry, and under-cabinet organizers. By upgrading your storage solutions, you can update the look of your bathroom without completely gutting and redecorating it.

In terms of color, there’s no limit to the options you can choose. As long as your walls and floors are in a neutral tone, you can use nearly any shade of paint or wallpaper to update the look of your bath. While wall-mounted fixtures are usually the most common form of color variation, you should be able to find a great deal of light fixtures that will coordinate with your wall color scheme. From towel racks and soap dishes to light fixtures and rugs, you can easily find a great deal of designer touches that will update the look of your bath.

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