Five Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom Ceiling

Your bedroom ceiling may seem like a secondary consideration when it comes to decorating, but this fifth wall can add depth and visual interest to your space. From rustic designs to more refined looks – there are endless possibilities when it comes to styling up this important feature!

Installing dark wood beams onto the bedroom ceiling creates a warm, rustic and contemporary ambience while the darker hues provide contrast and depth in the room.

Tray Ceiling

A tray ceiling adds visual interest to a bedroom while creating the impression of tall ceilings. Crafted from either wood or drywall, tray ceilings come in various shapes ranging from ovals to circles and are easy to install in newly constructed homes where builders are responsible for designing roof joists and trusses to accommodate them. However, adding one to an existing home may prove more costly; an expert may advise getting a building permit first before proceeding with installation.

Crown molding adds an upscale aesthetic to a tray ceiling, giving the room an upscale aesthetic. Metallic paint adds drama, while other techniques like faux or glazing effects can further improve its look. Homeowners may also choose to hide tube lighting behind trim for soft glow that can be dimmed down at night for cozy atmosphere.

Wood Beams

Wood beams add architectural details such as vaulted ceilings to a room and draw the eye upward. They can complement traditional, rustic or modern styles.

Beams add texture and warmth to any room; whether salvaged from winery renovations as seen here or handmade for a customized design. They even serve as canvases for paint – such as in this gender-neutral bedroom with southwest influences through painted beams and patterned area rugs.

If your home doesn’t already feature exposed wood beams, faux-wood options offer an economical and hassle-free solution. Lightweight and easy to install, they come in various textures to fit with any style – rougher saw cut textures can complement industrial designs while lighter brown staining creates a classier aesthetic. Furthermore, many manufacturers provide inexpensive samples so that homeowners can visualize how their desired colors would look prior to beginning installation – thus helping prevent any surprises during this process.

Wood Trim

Wood trim and moldings add visual interest to walls, corners and windows while protecting these elements from damage. Consistent application throughout a home ensures an aesthetically pleasing aesthetic; homeowners may select various styles based on their individual needs.

Crown molding features an ornate or curvilinear profile to neaten up the area where the wall meets the ceiling, and is more adaptable than baseboard trim in terms of conforming to contours more effectively.

Picture rail trim was created with functionality in mind, enabling homeowners to hang pictures without nailing into the wall or needing picture hooks that may crack brittle plaster walls. Other types of trim used on old plaster walls are quarter-round and stop bead, which may also serve as baseboard molding or combined with other profile types; quarter-round is often used as baseboard molding while stop bead is often combined with other profiles like quarter-round molding for baseboard molding applications or baseboard profiles like quarter round. Wood trim may come from several materials like solid pine wood, hardwoods MDF (medium-density fiberboard), or hard plastic foam called PVC (PVC).

Coffered Ceiling

Coffered ceilings are an excellent solution for large rooms with high ceilings. Coffered ceilings add visual interest by adding texture and dimension, as well as being customizable through tiles, wallpaper, or painting the beams a different color. Furthermore, coffered ceilings may reduce noise more effectively than other forms of ceilings.

Coffered ceilings feature an arrangement of recessed panels constructed of wood or plaster that are suspended on an even grid to add depth and architectural interest to a ceiling space. Each of these coffers, available either shallow or deep designs, gives this look its unique character.

Coffered ceilings are an elegant way to elevate any room and can add significant resale value to a home, but before installing one it’s essential to carefully consider your budget as these designs require skilled carpentry to install and require professional help for installation. If it isn’t right for your home then crown molding might be more suitable.

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