Floor and Decor Review

Floor and Decor is a specialty retailer of hard-surface flooring and accessories, including tools and accessories. Their warehouse-format stores offer showroom-quality products at reasonable prices; thus making their services accessible both for homeowners and professional contractors.

Home Depot stores offer more variety, which helps draw in customers. That helps make HomeSense unique as well.

What is Floor & Decor?

Floor and Decor is a specialty flooring retailer offering customers high quality products at competitive prices. Their stores carry hard surface flooring, carpeting, wood flooring and stone products in addition to offering installation classes and design services.

Tom Taylor brings vast retail and home improvement experience, having worked at Home Depot for 23 years prior to leaving for a private equity firm role. Since becoming CEO of Floor and Decor in 2012, they have experienced remarkable growth.

This company boasts an expansive customer base that spans both homeowners and professional installers and contractors, catering to both sets by offering loyalty programs, priority checkout, credit and financing solutions and free design appointments – not forgetting educational content to guide customers toward making informed decisions for their projects.

How does Floor & Decor compare to Home Depot?

Floor and Decor and Home Depot are two of the premier home improvement stores in America, each providing an extensive range of products such as flooring options. There may be subtle variations between them regarding pricing, quality and customer service that should be noted.

Floor & Decor has created an innovative business model that allows them to offer lower prices than their competitors by cutting out the middlemen and going directly to manufacturers – saving customers time and money in the process.

Floor & Decor stands out from its competition by not only offering competitively-priced products but also by providing customers with numerous benefits beyond price, such as free design services, rewards programs, priority checkout and credit and financing solutions.

Floor & Decor offers exclusive deals and discounts to their PRO Premier members in addition to these benefits, such as equipment rentals, appliance discounts, and access to their BuildBook project management software.

What are the benefits of shopping at Floor & Decor?

Floor & Decor stands out in its industry by specializing in hard flooring and home decor products, giving it an extensive product selection unmatched by competitors. Additionally, it builds key supplier relationships and purchases bulk quantities in order to pass savings along to customers.

Floor and Decor’s local stores play an integral role in its omnichannel strategy, serving both as inspiration to customers and fulfilling online orders through in-store pickup. In 2019, it plans on opening 32 locations nationwide, giving the brand an expansive national presence.

Tom Taylor is an industry veteran who spent 23 years at Home Depot as CEO of its Florida stores before founding Floor and Decor in 2012. His executive team boasts expertise in sales, finance, merchandising, marketing and supply chain management from companies such as Zumiez Carter’s Blockbuster among others. All Submissions remain owned by Floor & Decor without compensation being offered or given back.

What are the disadvantages of shopping at Floor & Decor?

Floor & Decor stands apart from home improvement retailers like Lowe’s and Home Depot by being exclusively focused on flooring as an offering. Their national presence allows them to access global trends while their local presence allows for tailoring an experience and product mix tailored specifically for each market served.

This gives them a distinct edge over many of the local mom-and-pop shops that only stock samples without offering installation equipment for sale. Their same day availability makes the company particularly appealing to professional customers with tight deadlines who cannot wait for delivery of delivery.

Consumers may find it challenging to navigate the vast inventory in showrooms. It is essential that they enter with an open mind and an organized plan; furthermore, be sure to factor in any storage or delivery fees into their overall budget.

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