How to Organize Your Bathroom Closet

An unorganized bathroom closet can quickly become cluttered with outdated shampoo bottles and misplaced bobby pins, so take time each week to declutter it to ensure everything can find its home again.

Linen towers offer an elegant way to store linens and toiletries without creating clutter. By selecting matching bins with matching lids for uniformity and adding labels with keywords to quickly locate what you need when needed, linen towers make for the ideal way to organize linens and toiletries in an organized manner.

Storage Solutions

As bathroom closets can quickly become an accumulator of all manner of items ranging from makeup to hair tools, begin by clearing out and wiping down shelves. Next, purge items by category such as beauty products and linens before organizing common use items into stackable bins labeled accordingly so everyone in your family can quickly locate essentials like Tylenol versus Tums and return them when finished using them.

Matching storage bins bring unity to a bathroom closet while eliminating visual clutter. Or opt for decorative glass apothecary jars as pretty yet practical storage solutions; from bath salts and bombs to cotton balls and swabs. LUCYCAZ Over the Door Storage is another smart solution, hanging on the back of your door with hooks to store towels or robes – ideal for small spaces!

Laundry Baskets

When planning to incorporate laundry storage into your bathroom closet, it’s essential that the baskets and hampers you select are both stylish and practical. Your ideal option may depend on your lifestyle and household needs – for instance if most of your laundry occurs in either bedroom or bathroom areas, an organizer with multiple compartments might be more practical.

Our top pick, this Seville Classics sorter, boasts two separate containers for light and dark laundry, each topped with its own lid for keeping everything together, along with handles on both the top and sides for effortless transportation to the washing machine. Furthermore, ventilation holes on both sides help prevent mustiness or mildew growth.

One affordable, collapsible 3-compartment wicker laundry basket we love is this affordable collapsible model. Perfectly sized to carry even when loaded down with laundry and great for carrying up or down stairs. Made from sturdy yet lightweight woven material that supports heavy loads without becoming heavy-handed over time.

Bamboo Bins

Add a natural element to your bathroom closet with bamboo storage bins from ANMINY’s four-piece set of wooden and bamboo storage bins, featuring open handles and spacious interiors designed to hold multiple items. Their rustic yet modern aesthetic blends nicely into decor styles from rustic to modern while their wide mouth design allows easy access and the moisture-resistant finish provides durability.

The mDesign Kitchen Cabinet & Pantry Drawer Organizer Bin is an effortless solution for kitchen organization. Perfectly fitting into drawers, pantries and cabinets alike, its bamboo construction provides ample storage space. Featuring a contemporary warm gray porpoise finish and natural bamboo lid which complement a variety of home styles; assembly is quick and clean surface is easily wipeable clean!

Creative bathroom closet ideas can help reduce clutter while adding useful extra storage. A label-maker and containers can create an efficient storage system for toiletries and tools in drawers; shallow office pencil trays make ideal customizable drawer organizers; mason or apothecary jars can hold smaller items such as hair pins or makeup brushes for easy organization.

Open Weave Baskets

Functional closets don’t need to be boring spaces; add decorative accents for added visual interest and instant relaxation. Organising your bathroom closet is an achievable weekend project that can yield instant gratification!

Take an inventory of everything in your closet and organize items by type; such as expired products or items needing replacement. Checking expiration dates on medications and first aid supplies is especially crucial; many products display an indicator on the package with numbers such as 6M or 12M to indicate when their shelf life has come to an end.

Set the scene by placing your items into storage baskets that complement the decor. Look for neutral-toned woven baskets like those available from EZOWARE that blend in seamlessly, or choose colorful wicker designs for something truly standout. Additionally, consider baskets with lids to keep contents visible or open styles for easily visible access.

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