Organize Your Kitchen With Countertop and Hanging Kitchen Accessories

Making the most out of your kitchen with countertop and hanging accessories that organize tools, utensils, and ingredients is easier with stylish yet functional additions that add flair. From countertop accessories that protect countertops against spills to hanging organizers that enhance storage solutions for ingredients – there are stylish solutions perfect for every decor style in here!

Essential kitchen tools include a strong spatula for flipping and tossing foods such as eggs, burgers, pasta and roasted vegetables. Wooden versions tend to be gentler on cooking surfaces than plastic models.

Kitchen Crock

If your drawers are overstuffed with spoons, spatulas and whisks, consider investing in a kitchen crock to store essential cooking utensils. Organising them by function makes it easier for you to find exactly the tool when needed, rather than digging through drawers to locate that French whisk!

These stoneware utensil holders look wonderful on any kitchen counter and make smart kitchen decorations. Choose a color that complements other accessories in the room like ceramic canisters and dinnerware, whether minimalistic shades are chosen to add contemporary appeal or rustic raw ceramic crocks are chosen to achieve farmhouse chicness.

Spice Rack

Spice racks are one of the most versatile kitchen tools you can own. When searching for one that best fits your pantry door or walls, look for options with grips to hold each jar securely in its place and labels to help quickly locate or see which are your favorites while cooking.

Maintaining an orderly spice drawer can become overwhelming quickly. For easy accessibility to those back corner jars of spices, installing pull-down shelf racks may help.

Parmesan Grater

Olive Garden servers use hand-crank graters because of the way they transform blocks of parmesan cheese into pillowy mounds of shredded cheese effortlessly and with what Italian artists refer to as sprezzatura — studied carelessness.

Choose models that fit easily in your silverware drawer; these are ideal for topping pasta with a fine dusting of parmesan just prior to serving.

Select a style that complements the overall aesthetic of your kitchen, so that it will be easy for you to locate and organize the grater within its drawer, matching other organizers you have installed. This way, it will stand out amongst its neighbors and be easily identified when needed.

Soap Dispenser

Soap dispensers are essential elements of a tidy kitchen, helping keep hands sanitary during preparation or dish washing. Choose a dispenser that complements both your sink and countertop for an attractive visual statement.

Frosted glass makes this soap dispenser blend in seamlessly with any decor, while its durable stainless steel pump ensures long-term use. Perfect for foam soap dispensers and equipped with a clear window to let you know when refills are required, the durable construction and design allows this piece to endure for many refills to come.

This dispenser’s angled spout makes it simple to pump directly onto your hands or sponge, while its non-slip base ensures it remains securely on your counter. BPA-free and recyclable, this dispenser is also BPA-free!

Cookie Spatula

Sturdy cookie spatulas provide an efficient means of lifting cookies off pans without damaging their delicate structures. Angled stainless steel blades with thin, rounded edges easily slip under baked goods while maneuvering around crowded cookie sheets. Furthermore, this large spatula can also help transport cakes, pastries and personal pizzas onto cooling racks or platters with ease.

While many cooks use spatulas in a variety of applications, certain kitchen utensils serve specific roles. A fish spatula, for instance, is intended to cradle and sear fish fillets; and while many mistakenly refer to turners as spatulas, these cooking utensils were actually designed expressly to flip foods over.

Watermelon Slicer

Watermelons slicers are useful tools that make cutting and serving watermelons effortless and enjoyable, while simultaneously limiting how much juice spills on to hands and countertops during cutting or serving.

This slicer makes cutting any type of melon into 12 even slices quick and effortless – even hard-to-cut varieties like cantaloupe and honeydew! Plus it’s super simple to clean – great for kid-friendly use too.

It also comes equipped with a handy melon scoop to reach even those hard-to-reach spots! Perfect addition to any kitchen and gift for anyone who enjoys watermelons!

Cord Organizer

A Cord Organizer helps keep power cords straight and organized, eliminating trip or fire hazards while also preventing them from being bent and twisted to damage cords and shorten their lifespan. Plus, using an organizer helps eliminate tangling while quickly identifying which cord goes to each outlet or gadget so you can quickly grab it when it is time for use.

Some cord organizers come equipped with paper key tags you can loop over zip ties to label, while others feature adjustable dividers to give more storage options and match any decor. You may even find colored options available so as to find the one perfect for you!

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