Small Kitchen Design: Compact Appliances for Tiny Spaces

Choosing the right appliances in a small kitchen helps. Opt for mini fridge models for the kitchen to conserve space, making it ideal for one or two occupants if you don’t need the standard large ones.

Inside each multicooker is the promise of a one-device kitchen; with various preprogrammed settings, you can simmer a stew, roast a chicken, cook rice, and much more – all in the footprint of a single appliance.

Smart Refrigerators

Small kitchens can benefit from smart fridges with internet capability and features to help streamline life at home. The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator (shown above) comes with a built-in touchscreen that allows you to keep track of what’s in your fridge: you can search for recipes that include a particular ingredient or compose shopping lists from your refrigerator contents. You can even control it remotely using smartphone app controls and be notified if the fridge opens in a way that it shouldn’t or is left open for too long.

There’s a second choice in smart fridges from LG, the InstaView ThinQ Refrigerator, which has a 29-inch touchscreen, even more than my own, that lets you view inside without opening the doors at all. You can also set it up to send you a notification if you leave your fridge door open for too long, as well as see reminders when the front content is dispensed. Plus, it’s Alexa and Google Assistant-enabled, plus makes ice that it will alert you to refill if water levels drop too low.

Space-Efficient Laundry Appliances

If your home does not yet contain a dedicated laundry room, or if you are planning minimum kitchen remodeling, look for ultra-compact washers and dryers that can remain seamlessly hidden for maximum convenient laundry availability. All-in-one appliances built into a single cabinet or stacking washer and dryer units will respond to every small kitchen layout with an ultra-comprehensive laundry solution.

Keep c counters clear by stinging frequently used items, such a bubbins and pans, on a overhead rack, hang a ‘batterie de cuisine’ to store cooking inhtensify on the wall, and install tension rods tween dressers create a useful haven in awkward corners!

If you have narrow galley kitchen, try adding warm wood-clad walls that can be used as visual focal point with the natural shades they will create to give depth. The colour scheme will work well with any other colours. Lastly, accent lighting will work wonders and add to the lovely ambience of this small kitchen.

Tall Cabinets

In a tight layout, tall cabinets is a great solution for storage without visually losing on valuable square footage on the floors. Store a range hood or paper products or kitchen utensils in overflow. Or a wraparound natural wood pegboard is a great gentrified solution for tool and plant storage in a petite kitchen by deVOL Kitchens below.

Choose light-coloured cabinets to make even a small kitchen seem spacious (white and other bright neutrals, such as beige, reflect light to make the room look more open). And if you don’t like monochromatic schemes, you can add colour and texture with decorative plates or frames art.

if you don’t have room in your tiny kitchen for a dining table, try creating a breakfast nook next to it with a built-in bench or storage bench instead. Emily Henderson Design shows a simple kitchen idea in a small space with emerald green subway-tile backsplash and dark wood wraparound shelving that ties in with its reclaimed wood ceiling.

Strategic Lighting

Add drama and modernity by affixing LED strips under cabinets or along the toe kicks of kitchen islands. This type of lighting also guides the eye towards the ceiling, making the room appear bigger. Up-lighting also makes work areas brighter, enhancing safety by illuminating shadowy corners.

Recessed lighting works well for small kitchens to keep it out of the sightline, reduce bulkiness, and save space. Track lighting is evenly distributed and flexible tracking provides even more versatility, but you’ll have to be a bit more creative in positioning your kitchen lighting. Smart lighting systems might also come in handy with their ability to be programmed to adjust their brightness depending on the time of day and match the natural daylight cycles of the sun, as well as your circadian rhythm.

Personal touches are necessary to make a home feel inviting, but a wall of children’s paintings or cartoon novelty tourist magnets on the fridge can soon be more messy than meaningful. One or two tasteful pieces of wall art will add personality to the small kitchen, without distracting from the room’s purpose.

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