Warm Exquisiteness in Kitchen Design

Often times one of your biggest home decor mistakes can be selecting too colorful and hard-to-replace kitchen cabinets. Leaving a big empty space above your appliances can only result in dust build up. Kitchens are also often one of the busiest rooms in a house, and when it came to decorating and designing them, there are some very important faux pas you might want to avoid. One of these is selecting an over-the-top color scheme, such as reds and yellows. While these colors can really add a splash of color to your kitchen, they also have the tendency to make everything else in the room blend together. This can really throw off your decorating efforts and could possibly make your kitchen look messy, regardless if you choose black paint or something more subtle like white.

Another problem that can arise from too many colors in your kitchen is using the wrong type of appliances. For example, having too many different types of flatware in your kitchen can create confusion, making cooking less fun and more of a hassle than it has to be. Another problem with overly bright kitchen ideas is using the wrong types of glazes or tints on your cabinets. Using kitchen ideas that consist of a lot of shiny or colorful objects around the room can also create visual chaos.

A simple way to avoid these common pitfalls is to create an island in your kitchen layout. An island can solve several problems, including providing additional working space, as well as helping to unify your kitchen design. The most important aspect of creating an island is finding a sturdy and attractive piece of kitchen furniture that will be able to fit onto the island. Once you have furniture picked out, you can then arrange your appliances and flatware to make the most use of your space. You can use square or rectangular cabinets, as long as they are taller than the pedestal on which they will sit.

Another kitchen idea that doesn’t require a lot of thought but does provide a unique look is a marble countertop. Marble countertops are expensive, but they have a very classy, sophisticated look to them that very few other types of kitchen materials can emulate. An area rug can be used under your cooking table, or on the floor beneath your stove, to further enhance the effect of a marble countertop.

A final kitchen idea that combines durability and style is using granite countertops in place of marble counters. Granite is not only extremely durable, but it is also highly resistant to staining, heat damage, and scratches. Granite tops are easy to clean, and they can be wiped down with a damp cloth without damaging the surface. Because of their resilience, granite countertops are among the most popular choices for kitchens around the country. They are available in many different color options, so you can find one that matches your decor quite nicely.

If your kitchen design allows, you can use these same warm accents throughout your kitchen. Using white cabinets and appliances will help the room feel more spacious, while coordinating light colors, black appliances, and red cabinets can give the room a festive look. In the dining room, black appliances with a maple countertop are the perfect combination. The warm ambiance that such a combination provides in the dining room can make the kitchen even more enjoyable to cook in.

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