How to Decorate a Living Room Wall

The walls of your living room are an excellent place to put art. The living room is a perfect place to showcase family photos. If you’d like to make the space look less busy, you can choose black and white prints. Nature prints also work well. The wall above your fireplace can be used to hang framed art that is classic and timeless. Picture lights can be used to illuminate the art.

If you want to create a statement, add a unique art piece. For example, a leather pocket attached to a wooden plank looks great. It can be a functional item as well, such as a mail sorter. Another unusual option is a hanging succulent planter. It will make your living room look like a vertical garden. You can fill it with dried flowers or faux plants, or you can even grow real plants without the need for drainage.

Another great way to add colour is to use colour block paint. This can really spruce up a dull room. Generally, you’ll want to use three key colours – one for the background and two for the accent. Using a softer shade for the background is ideal. For accent colours, use a bolder shade. Bright electric blue is a great option.

Another rustic look is an old ladder, a popular feature in rustic and farmhouse decorating. It can be placed anywhere on the wall and is often accompanied by a large framed mirror. Another rustic design is a galvanized wall vase with understated fall blossoms. You can complete the look by adding a black and white clock.

Another idea for transforming your living room is to add a wall planter. Plants are a great way to add color and create a laid-back vibe. This decor is easy to install, and just make sure there is adequate light in your living room for the plant to thrive. In addition, you can even add a small succulent garden above the bed with wall-mounted planters.

The living room is an important part of your home and is where you entertain and relax. If you’d like to make this room more appealing to visitors, you can choose a design for the living room wall. Not only will the wall decor tie together other elements in the room, but it will also reflect your personality.

Adding a personalized touch to the living room wall can be as easy or as complicated as you want to make it. You can also add a latitude and longitude sign to make the decor more personal. You can choose to go for a rustic, vintage or quaint look for your walls.

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